We supply brass technical parts

Our core industry : Pressure die casting


A sample of our production

We manufacture pressure die casted technical parts from 4 grams to 2 kilos, in high volume industrial production.

Our diverse production capacities allow us to work in a number of varied industrial sectors such as water meters, locks, sanitary fittings, aeronautic and electrical parts etc…


Industry : gas

Water meters

Industry : water adduction

Connecting rods, ground plate

Industry : electricity


Industry : water adduction

Contemporary decorative items

Industry : contemporary design items for the fashion industry and interior design e.g furniture, handles, and electrical switches


This is our alloy catalogue for brass castings.

Cu Zn40

An all purpose brass alloy

Cu Zn34 Pb Si

Corrosion resistant brass alloy

Cu Zn27 Mn3 Al2

A hard wearing resistant brass alloy

Cu Zn40 B

Brass alloy giving high levels of quality surface, ideal for polishing

Cu Zn16 Si4

A brass alloy, with low lead content, giving good mechanical strength and containing more than 78% copper

Cu Zn34 Si1

A brass alloy, with low lead content giving excellent cold working properties

Cu Zn25 Al5 Mn4 Fe3

A brass alloy, with low lead content giving high mechanical caracteristics

Cu Zn40 Pb0,2

A brass alloy with low lead content, for 'drinking water' applications, compliant with the american AWWA standards.

Cu Zn36 Pb

A DZR brass, for 'drinking water' applications, compliant with the European standards.

AB+ brass

Anti microbial brass

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