We supply brass technical parts

Our core industry : Pressure die casting


A sample of our production

We manufacture pressure die casted technical parts from 4 grams to 2 kilos, in high volume industrial production.

Our diverse production capacities allow us to work in a number of varied industrial sectors such as water meters, locks, sanitary fittings, aeronautic and electrical parts etc…


Industry : gas

Water meters

Industry : water adduction

Connecting rods, ground plate

Industry : electricity


Industry : water adduction

Contemporary decorative items

Industry : contemporary design items for the fashion industry and interior design e.g furniture, handles, and electrical switches


As an industrial subcontractor, we propose the study, industrialization, optimization and production of casted parts.

  • Research and development
    Research and development

    Research and development

    FAVI has always considered R&D its priority . This is our largest department consisting of 31 engineers, technicians and draughtsmen.

    Typical projects are :

    • Researching and developing specific alloys, to meet new technical or economic constraints, customer specifications or simply to open up new markets.
    • Developing innovative technologies in product processing.
    • Developing and optimizing products and industrial processes, guarantees continuous improvement of product quality and economic performance.

    These innovations result from proactive meetings, listening to our partners at their centers of excellence e.g. technical centers, professional schools and universities.

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  • Product development
    Product development

    Product development

    As your industrial development Partner, our Design team proposes the optimization of your product, through die-casting, machining and assembling. All requirements and quality issues relating to the product and manufacturing process are taken into account, to guarantee top product preformance from Day 1 of production.

    Our Design office is experienced in the latest STATE OF THE ART Equipment :

    • CAD
    • Finite Elements Analysis
    • Rheology
    • Rapid prototyping in 3D, either machined from a block of the chosen metal, or from the initial samples.
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  • Product validation
    Product validation

    Product validation

    Our test laboratory validates products and materials :

    • Through material structural analysis and metallurgical testing.
    • Through physical static or dynamic testing,to validate product function and resistance.
    • Through specific bench testing on request.

    FAVI has been recognized in July 2015 as being able to carry out tests and provide results according to the car manufacturers’ required standards. This is known as ‘Self-Certification’.

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  • Industrial resources
    Industrial resources

    Industrial resources

    Our industrial departement manages, develops and uses ‘Best Practise’ production and quality methods.

    We manufacture foundry, cutting tools, machining, assembly machines and control devices. A real advantage for  industrializing your products giving continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing process.

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  • Production


    Pressure die-casting has been our core industry since 1957.

    Insert molding, riveting, press-fitting, binding, welding, CNC or transfer machining are technologies that are mastered by FAVI for your production requirements.

    Rigourous in our quality manufacturing, whilst maintaining production schedules and delivery times.

    FAVI ‘s workforce is a dedicated, devoted, autonomous and responsible team, which is always at your service.


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This is our alloy catalogue for brass castings.

Cu Zn40

An all purpose brass alloy

Cu Zn34 Pb Si

Corrosion resistant brass alloy

Cu Zn27 Mn3 Al2

A hard wearing resistant brass alloy

Cu Zn40 B

Brass alloy giving high levels of quality surface, ideal for polishing

Cu Zn16 Si4

A brass alloy, with low lead content, giving good mechanical strength and containing more than 78% copper

Cu Zn34 Si1

A brass alloy, with low lead content giving excellent cold working properties

Cu Zn25 Al5 Mn4 Fe3

A brass alloy, with low lead content giving high mechanical caracteristics

Cu Zn40 Pb0,2

A brass alloy with low lead content, for 'drinking water' applications, compliant with the american AWWA standards.

Cu Zn36 Pb

A DZR brass, for 'drinking water' applications, compliant with the European standards.

AB+ brass

Anti microbial brass

Need a specific alloy?

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Our « mini-factory » organization

At FAVI, our challenge is to place our customers at the centre of attention for each one of our employees, who organize production in our autonomous and independant mini-factories. Each mini-factory is dedicated to one customer or product and piloted by a team leader. All back-up services, such as Sales, QC and maintenance are closely integrated to favour reactivity, proactivity and communication.

Latest news

EVENTS 28 February 2020

FAVI will exhibit on the MIDEST 2020 trade fair during the “Global Industrie” event in Paris

FAVI will exhibit to the MIDEST 2020, the International Fair for Subcontracting, from March 31 to April 3, in Villepinte (Paris). Midest is one of the 4 shows of the “Global Industrie” event. Come meet us on booth 6H111! More information and tickets here

EVENTS 2 December 2019

Euroguss 2020

   FAVI will exhibit at EUROGUSS 2020 in Nuremberg from January 14 to 16. Visit us in Hall 8, booth 302. More information about the show