Developing and supplying

technical solutions



Optimizing industrial solutions.

FAVI develops and supplies complete sub-assemblies and technical parts for industry in brass, copper and aluminium die casting.


As an automotive parts subcontractor, we develop, optimize, die-cast, machine and assemble.

  • Research & Development
    Research & Development

    Research & Development

    FAVI has always considered R&D its priority . This is our largest department consisting of 31 engineers, technicians and draughtsmen.

    Typical projects :

    • Researching and developing specific alloys, that meet new technical or economic constraints, customer specifications or simply to open up new markets.
    • Developing innovative technologies in product processing.
    • Developing and optimizing products and processes, guarantees continuous improvement of product quality and economic performance.

    These innovations result from meeting and listening to our industrial clients and are linked to partnerships with ‘centres of excellence’ e.g. technical centres, professional schools, universities and trial laboratories.


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  • Product development
    Product development

    Product development

    As your industrial development Partner, our Design team proposes the adjustment and optimization of your product, through die-casting, machining and assembling. All requirements and quality issues relating to the product and manufacturing process are taken into account, guaranteeing a top product performance from Day 1 of the industrial production run.

    Our Design office uses the latest state of the art Equipment :

    • CAD
    • Finite Elements Analysis
    • Rheology
    • Rapid prototyping in 3D, machined from a raw block, or initial samples.
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  • Product validation
    Product validation

    Product validation

    Our test laboratory validates products and materials :

    • Through material structure analysis and metallurgical testing
    • Through physical static or dynamic testing,to validate product functions and resistance
    • Trough specific test bench(ing) on request.

    FAVI obtained in July 2015 a ” Self- certification” from a car manufacturer. This recognizes our ability to perform tests and provide results according to the manufacturer’s standards.


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  • Industrialization resources
    Industrialization resources

    Industrialization resources

    Our industrial departement manages, develops and uses ‘Best Practise’ production and quality methods.

    We manufacture foundry, cutting tools, machining, assembly machines and control methods. A real advantage for  industrializing your products giving continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing process.


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  • Production


    Our core industry for the last 60 years : pressure die-casting. A technical expertise in the selection and implementation of brass, copper or aluminium alloys, depending on your technical and budget requirements.

    We are specialized in machining, surface treatment, assembling, and managing Tier-2 suppliers, which we have selected and validated.

    Rigour and quality manufacturing, delivering your parts at the right time , in the right place , at the right price.

    FAVI ‘s workforce is a dedicated, devoted, autonomous and responsible team, which is always at your service.



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FAVI’s history and management

Installed in Hallencourt (80490), France, FAVI is a family owned enterprise of 400 employees, specializing in developing and producing pressure die-cast, machined or assembled technical parts in aluminium and brass.

FAVI developed a CUSTOMER focused organization in the 1980’s, which was to  listen and learn from its precious client base. Whilst constantly innovating and updating our technology, we remained attached to the importance of communication and constant exchanges with our international partners.


Latest news

EVENTS 30 January 2023

FAVI will exhibit at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2023 (GILYON23)

FAVI will exhibit at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2023 (#GILYON23) from March 7  to 10, in Eurexpo LYON. Come meet us on booth 6H120!

EVENTS 28 February 2020

FAVI will exhibit on the MIDEST 2020 trade fair during the “Global Industrie” event in Paris

FAVI will exhibit to the MIDEST 2020, the International Fair for Subcontracting, from March 31 to April 3, in Villepinte (Paris). Midest is one of the 4 shows of the “Global Industrie” event. Come meet us on booth 6H111! More information and tickets here


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