Your Need

Your product is in fair or high demand?
The answer : copper alloys

Description Applications
Cu Zn 12 Si4 For parts requiring good mechanical strength.
Cu zn 14 Al 5 Fe Mn Very high mechanical properties.
Cu Zn 25 Al 5 Mn 4 Fe 3 Very high mechanical properties and very good wear resistance. Lead-free alloy.
Cu Zn 27 Mn 3 Al 2 Wear resistant. Good mechanical properties.
Cu Zn 34 Pb Si Very good resistance to corrosion.
Cu Zn 34 Si 1 Parts requiring a good distortion ability.
Cu Zn 40 General applications. Good machinability. Good polishing ability.
Cu Zn 40 B Alloy for polishing
Cu Zn 40 Pb 0 BI General applications. Good machinability. Good polishing ability. Lead-free alloy.
Our alloys are 100% recyclable!

Your product is complex and you want it to integrate several functions?
The answer: pressure die-casting.

Pressure die-casting allows the production of simple, as well as complex components on which fastening, insert molding, press fitting and assembly operations are possible.

Other advantages of die-cast copper alloys :

Material cost optimization :
Weight of parts can be reduced by a design optimization or walls reduction that can attain 1mm.
Pressure die-casting answers on a long-term basis to material cost reduction: 20% less is conceivable.

Dimensional accuracy :
As-cast tolerance:
+ or - 0,2mm <= 30 mm
JS 14 > 30mm
More accurate tolerances of + or – 0.1mm can be obtained without machining.

Technology for small, medium or large volumes ?

Die-casting requires a minimum market of 10,000 parts per year to justify the choice of this technology and obtain a good return on investment.

That said, in very specific cases, die-casting can be an interesting option for the production of components in small volumes, in this specific case the component produced :
• Replaces a design that includes several assembled or welded parts.
• Considerably reduces material weight.
• Offers a dimensional accuracy that no other technology can offer.